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Cross Platform Job Scheduling

Centrally manage disparate applications, systems, and databases with one enterprise cross-platform scheduler.  

ActiveBatch: A Single Point of Control for your Automation Environment
ActiveBatch Enterprise IT Automation provides a central point of control for all of your automation and scheduling needs. ActiveBatch offers truly cross-platform support for more than a dozen different platforms, so users can better manage the diversity of applications, databases, and technologies in their IT environments. 

Flexible Licensing Models that Scale with Your Business Needs
ActiveBatch features a scalable architecture that is designed for ease of use.The ActiveBatch Enterprise Job Scheduler licensing model is both flexible and affordable, and does not charge for multiple processors or limit the number of jobs you can execute. ActiveBatch accommodates system and environment changes without incurring additional license fees due to Advanced Systems Concepts' point-based licensing. 

ActiveBatch supports the reliable execution of jobs and plans on and across a wide range of platforms including:

  • Microsoft Windows x86, and x64
  • VMware, Microsoft's Hyper V and Xen
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • SuSe Linux
  • IBM iSeries (AS/400 – OS/400)
  • z/OS
  • HP-UX
  • HP Tru64 Unix
  • HP NSK
  • Sun Solaris SPARC & x86
  • OpenVMS Alpha and Itanium

Pre-Built Logic for Major IT and Business Technologies
In addition to cross-platform support, ActiveBatch's Integrated Jobs Library contains hundreds of Job Steps for integrating databases, scripts, and technologies that include Managed File Transfers, Web Services, .Net Assemblies, Java, OpenPGP, Certificates, etc. into unified "end-to-end" workflows that share data and manage dependencies across the enterprise. ActiveBatch also offers several Extensions to today's most business and IT applications like SAP, Informatica, and more, so users can easily build and automate complex workflows without the need for custom scripting. 

​ActiveBatch has a proven ROI that has been documented to deliver impressive financial benefits that include improved productivity and a lower cost of operations.

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