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Map View

Map View is a dynamic graphical display and development environment that helps users build and automate workflows in half the time.

Find a specific object or a recently-searched object with Map View’s built-in smart search.

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Map View - OverviewOne Development Environment in a Single Pane of Glass
Map View is a flexible, real-time graphical display and development environment that allows users to graphically build, design, and change workflow shape as needed, all from a single pane, for improved workflow and job scheduling management. 

The centralized, 360-degree interface allows users to view all workflows and object relationships, while allowing for pan-and-zoom to increase or decrease the level of detail as needed so users can easily drill-down into individual objects. 

Map View - Smart Search

Smart Search for Improved Object Identification
Map View features a smart search for rapid identification of objects and supports association of all objects to jobs and plans, allowing users to create associations by simply dragging and dropping objects into a job, plan, or workflow.

Workflow Optimizer is also supported in Map View so workflows can be reorganized and users can instantly see the impact of their changes with a new elapsed runtime. 

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