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Complex IT and Business Processes Automation

ActiveBatch’s user-friendly workflow automation platform takes workflow management and process development to a new level. Powerful tools help developers quickly build automation workflows for repetitive tasks. ActiveBatch optimizes IT automation resources and offers hundreds of production-ready, drag-and-drop Job Steps for commonly scripted workflow processes and actions.

Improve IT governance and bolster security using workload automation to consolidate workflows, manage user permissions, protect scripts, and more.
Streamline user onboarding of new team members with workflows for human resources, reduce manual processes and bottlenecks across business and IT workflows, and minimize human error and human intervention.

Powerful Enough for IT, Intuitive Enough for Business

IT and business teams often want similar end results, but each team has different skills and different technical requirements for their automated workflows. Business needs a business workflow tool that's simple to use (like Kissflow or Zapier), enables team collaboration, and fits with their project management processes, while IT needs a set of tools that are powerful enough to achieve much more technical, time-consuming, and complex tasks (like those in Informatica Cloud or Microsoft Dynamics) without compromising scalability.

ActiveBatch provides workflow automation tools to meet the needs of both business and IT process automation within a single platform. Plus, role-specific views let each department focus on the metrics and results they care about the most. ActiveBatch has a myriad of connectors to enterprise tools like Microsoft Azure to ensure it works seamlessly with your on-premises and cloud-based enterprise apps and systems.

The result is an all-in-one platform with greater capabilities, less fragmentation, and a better user experience for everyone.

No-Code / Low-Code Integration and Assembly

Automate custom business and IT workflows with ActiveBatch’s Integrated Jobs Library, which includes hundreds of Job Steps and templates in a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy for users to pass data and manage dependencies between various applications and technologies. Granular job configurations and shared objects account for unique business rules, approval processes, the integration of interactive/manual tasks, and other requirements for complex workflow orchestration.

The ActiveBatch Service Library extends the power of the Integrated Jobs Library with full API accessibility that allows users to load and execute WSDLs, SOAP Web Services, RESTful Services, and more, expanding the reach of ActiveBatch to any application or technology with an API.

Real-Time, End-to-End Visibility with a Unified Workflow Automation Platform

ActiveBatch provides a flexible, policy-driven framework that makes it possible for IT to unify digital transformation efforts across the enterprise, whether in business process management (BPM), IT process management (ITPM), low-code workflow assembly, script lifecycle management, or just about any other use case. Event-driven triggers help teams across large and small businesses reduce slack time and improve job success rates.

IT can unify the monitoring and management of repetitive tasks by tracking all processes, changes, and instance histories for optimum visibility and control across the enterprise. Plus, dozens of easy-to-understand views provide critical information in real time for all integrated workflows, systems, and tasks. Notifications can be delivered by email or even social media.

With ActiveBatch, IT has a single location from which it can monitor and manage automated processes from dozens of environments.

References and Variables Simplify Maintenance

ActiveBatch’s built-in References and Variables allow users to reuse, rather than rewrite or recreate, their workflow logic. Instead of using traditional copy-and-paste, References allow users to easily make changes to one job and automatically pass down those changes to all other jobs that reference the original object. In addition, ActiveBatch supports the use of Variables, which can be used to pass data to other related jobs as well as form constraints for proper execution of related jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Workflow automation solutions such as ActiveBatch include prebuilt Job Steps in a drag-and-drop interface. Users can create automated workflows by using the Job Steps to quickly and accurately create the processes they need to deploy. Those workflows can then be scheduled to run, either by manual or event-based triggers. Explore ActiveBatch’s workflow automation capabilities.

IT workflows are used to automate both repetitive and ad hoc tasks. This includes provisioning and deprovisioning resources, managing data between disparate systems, optimizing business processes, and more. The best workflow automation software helps teams increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, eliminate data entry errors, and help organizations achieve scale. Discover how IT process automation software can improve your entire IT landscape.

Robotic process automation (RPA) and workload automation both help to automate IT and business processes. RPA typically automates smaller, rules-based tasks, while workload automation automates and coordinates everything from simple to complex processes across the enterprise for business and IT. Learn more about the difference between workload automation and RPA.

An example of an automated workflow in IT includes extracting data from a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, transforming that data, loading it into a business intelligence (BI) tool, and producing a report for the company’s sales team. For example, an automated business process might attach and transfer a PDF or Excel spreadsheet via email. An IT process might include transforming and transferring a SQL database to an Oracle database within a 2-hour service level agreement (SLA) window. Explore ActiveBatch’s workload automation capabilities.

A workflow automation software solution helps users automate manual, repetitive IT processes and business operations. With centralized control of automation in critical systems and applications, job scheduling requirements and more, IT teams are more efficient, errors are reduced and automation is more easily scalable. Discover the full benefits of ActiveBatch’s workflow management system.

Be ready to automate anything.

Build and automate workflows in half the time without the need for custom scripting. Gain operational peace of mind with real-time insights, customizable alerting, and more.

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