The Best Broadcom Automic Alternative 

With real-time altering, accessibility, monitoring, and more, ActiveBatch is the best choice over Automic for your workflow automation needs. 

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Why Do I Need An Automic Automation Alternative? 

Automic is known to be complex and challenging to use. Also, it may offer only some of the required functionality for specific use cases, like coordinating enterprise-wide managed file transfer processes. That’s why customers use ActiveBatch.

ActiveBatch offers a user-friendly interface, simplified automation workflows, and a wide range of functionality, including prebuilt actions for managed file transfers, IT process automation, business process automation, and more.

We also provide cross-platform support, script lifecycle management, and dynamic provisioning, and cloud management tools, making it a comprehensive choice for workload automation needs.

Complex Orchestration and Workflow For Any Business Process

ActiveBatch Workload Automation simplifies workflows and reduces maintenance costs by providing a centralized control panel and an intuitive workflow designer.

Comprehensive Integrations and Extensions Library

ActiveBatch provides a comprehensive library of prebuilt integrations and extensions to integrate various business and IT technologies with prebuilt job steps like Microsoft Azure, Configuration Manager, SAP BusinessObjects Data Services, VMware, Oracle Job Scheduler, and more. 

Migration Made Easy

ActiveBatch provides a suite of automated migration tools for common, platform-specific scheduling tools such as BMC Control-M, Tidal Workload Automation, CA Autosys, CA Workload Manager, IBM Tivoli, Unix cron, Windows Task Scheduler, SQL Server Agent, enabling a smooth and reliable migration. 

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Intuitive Features

ActiveBatch offers extensive features for software development, troubleshooting, and optimization of workflows, including dashboards for real-time monitoring, SLAs for ensuring system availability, and data pipelines for streamlined data management.

Workload Automation Without The Dev Time

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eliminate workflow complexity with ActiveBatch.

Streamline your workflow creation and automation with ease, no coding necessary. Take control of your operations with customizable alerting, real-time insights, and other valuable features.

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