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BMC and Redwood Software both provide workload automation solutions, an advancement of job scheduling and batch processing. BMC Control-M and ActiveBatch and RunMyJobs by Redwood enable your business to orchestrate not only IT processes but workflows running across the organization.

Workload automation solutions vary in their automation capabilities and the best fit is dependent on functionality and use cases needed for your business processes. For instance, if running business processes in a specific ERP, such as SAP or Oracle, you will want a workload automation platform with SAP connectors. If pre-built connectors are not available, you want to make sure sufficient API capabilities allow to seamless integration with your apps, whether cloud-based or on-premises. True end-to-end automation requires cross-platform batch processing and job scheduling could involve Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM iSeries Mainframes and more.

Besides connectors and APIs, ease of use is key in a workload automation platform. You want to make sure your team can quickly and easily set up job orchestrations, workflows and dependencies with minimal to no strain on your devops. This can include functionality like drag-and-drop automation design. Having all business process automation running in a single platform allows you to manage, executes and monitoring of critical processes, application performance and IT operations in real-time.

Control-M alternatives: Redwood workload automation solutions

BMC Control-M and Redwood workload automation platforms offer intuitive user interfaces to automate workflows, including on-premises thick clients, web interfaces, mobile apps and self-service portals for help desks and business users. Key differentiatiors come down to out-of-the-box features and advanced functionality, you a head start on deployment, true end-to-end automation and workflow optimization.

BMC Control-M

BMC Control-M is a workload automation tool known for managing complex and diverse IT environments. It provides an intuitive user interface, advanced job scheduling features and integration with various applications and platforms. Control-M is ideal for large enterprises requiring reliable and efficient automation of their IT processes. Its complexity and the need for specialized knowledge can be a consideration for organizations with fewer resources.

ActiveBatch by Redwood

ActiveBatch stands out as a top-tier workload automation and job scheduling solution, offering unparalleled flexibility and ease of use. With its powerful drag-and-drop interface, users can effortlessly design, manage and monitor workflows end-to-end, including event-driven automation, across any IT environment and business apps without scripting. ActiveBatch's extensive library of pre-built connector, Super REST API and Jobs Steps Library of pre-made workflows make it easy to automate across multiple systems and apps without advanced devops resources.

With back-end database support for Windows SQL, Azure SQL and Oracle databases for storing all system- and user-created objects and instances, ActiveBatch integrates with and automates virtually any database via direct integrations, scripts or low-code UI. ActiveBatch is available on AWS and also provides integrations with IBM, Informatica, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and the Hadoop Ecosystem and its many subsets.

Gain reliable, high availability IT process automation, job orchestration, alerting and monitoring in one platform with intelligent, innovative features like predictive SLAs. Historical and predictive analytics optimize and dynamically scale resources to ensure your IT team hits SLAs while maintain robust security and compliance through automated processes standardization. This combination of user-friendliness, extensive functionality and strong security makes ActiveBatch an excellent choice for organizations seeking to optimize their IT operations and boost productivity even without custom coding and scripting. ActiveBatch even allows for seamless managed file transfer within your automation platform with JSCAPE by Redwood.

RunMyJobs by Redwood

RunMyJobs by Redwood is an cloud-native SaaS workload automation solution, designed for modern enterprise IT environments and built for SAP ERP. It provides a highly scalable and flexible cloud platform with lightweight agents and reduced infrastructure costs for rapid deployment. RunMyJobs offers advanced automation features for complex workflows across large enterprises and robust IT environments. Its intuitive interface, pre-built connectors and templates make automation development fast and seamless. RunMyJobs is particularly well-suited for organizations looking to adopt cloud-based solutions for greater agility and efficiency in their IT operations.

Functional Areas and Software Categories

Functional Areas and Software Categories



Job scheduling

Job Scheduling is the process of scheduling, triggering, and running automated workloads. Modern job schedulers have advanced date/time, fiscal calendar and interval-based options for ultimate flexibility.

Included *

*Some configurations charge per Job template created.


Workflow mapping and low-code orchestration

Workflow Mapping helps teams route end-to-end IT processes and workflows from one point to another based on conditional logic, business rules or other constraints. Workflow mapping tools can feature visualization displays that allow users to visualize dependencies between workflow components.

Orchestration tools allow diverse systems and applications to communicate cross-platform and be collectively managed from a single console.

Included *

*Orchestrate IT Processes Using Separately Licensed Product: BMC TrueSight Orchestration

Universal Orchestration Included

Event-driven automation

Just-in-time job scheduling method triggers workflows based on a particular event such as a database modification, file creation or email delivery. This method of batch-process scheduling reduces delays and bottlenecks by kicking off jobs as soon as, but not before, they are able to successfully run.

Partially Included *

*Database Triggers, File Triggers, and Auto-Remediation Triggers may require add-ins or plug-ins.  


Runtime monitoring, conditional alerting, and auto-remediation

Runtime monitoring and service level agreement (SLA) management involves monitoring and tracking KPIs related to IT and business process service level performance. Conditional alerting is a required element of this monitoring, as operations teams need to know relevant, context-aware information as soon as possible in the event of a potential breach.

Some tools provide automated remediation capabilities such as freeing disk space or provisioning additional resources to processes at risk of failure.

Not Included 

Requires Control-M Batch Impact Manager Add-In


Managed file process automation

Secure and reliable file transfers are essential processes within every enterprise. Managed file transfer automation takes simple file transfers to the next level with parallel transfer capabilities, validation checks, templated transfer logic, centralized credential and connection info management and more.

Not Included

Requires Control-M Managed File Transfer Add-In  


IT DevOps

DevOps is an agile framework and strategy focused on collaboration between development and operational teams. IT DevOps tools assist IT developers with low-code development functions and provide operations with up-to-date information, documentation and remediation functions. Plus, DevOps tools offer channels to collaborate across functional teams, securely promote objects between environments, and more. Our workload automation tools operate in hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and on-premises IT environments.

Partially Included

*e.g. Job logic cannot be easily expanded to add additional steps or actions; additional add-ins required for some features.


Change management

A facility that tracks all object revisions, multi-user audit trails and approval processes for promoting objects between production and non-production environments. Many change management or source control tools also offer the ability to perform transformations to objects when migrating from one environment to another, plus simple and reliable methods for rolling back to prior versions of an object or all-inclusive changeset.

Not Included

Requires Control-M Workload Change Manager Add-In


All-in-one operations monitoring

Operational teams need to know what’s happening at a moment’s notice. Real-time, all-in-one operations monitoring tool provides a single pane of glass to monitor workflows, activities and machine loads. This end-to-end visibility allows operators to troubleshoot problems faster by making it easy to drill into the individual components that caused a setback.



Intelligent resource optimization and machine load management

Intelligent resource optimization is the process of using machine learning, predictive analytics and dynamic scaling to automatically distribute workloads among disparate machine resources. Machine load management not only visualizes which machines have the highest loads, but is also used by the system to dynamically balance machine loads.

Not Available


Database automation

Automated management of popular RDBMSs such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Databases. Easily add, modify or remove data within and between databases. Plus, perform low-code ETL processes between providers, monitor database contents for changes, and automatically trigger workloads based contextually on events.

Not Included

Requires Control-M for Databases Plug-In


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Other ActiveBatch alternatives: CA Automic,  IBM Tivoli, Tidal Workload Automation (formerly Cisco Tidal), CA Autosys alternatives, JAMS Scheduler alternatives, Stonebranch alternatives

Coordinate and Consolidate Automation Tools

According to Gartner, most organizations have 3-8 scheduling and automation tools in place. ActiveBatch offers a comprehensive feature set and a wide range of both pre-built connectors and an API adapter. This allows you to consolidate other limited tools - bringing all automation into one platform using the same modules and plug-ins. Low-code API accessibility makes consolidation and orchestration simple. As your IT team deprecates or adopts new tools and technologies over time, ActiveBatch is ready. Learn more about our flexible and scalable model here.  

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