EMA’s 2019 Workload Automation Radar Report Has Arrived

EMA Radar Report for Workload Automation explains the trend towards IT/business orchestration and recognizes ActiveBatch as the most automated solution.

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Workload automation is helping IT to meet evolving business demands

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Workload Automation Capabilities are Expanding

Transparency is the digital era’s great gift to consumers. They can use near-real time information to make purchasing decisions, track shipments, monitor inventory, manage finances, and so much more.

That same transparency also means that every outage, delay, or drop in performance is quickly noticed by those same customers.

This high-stakes relationship between IT and the consumer is the primary driver behind a capabilities expansion in the workload automation market, according to the Q4 2019 Radar Report for workload automation, published by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA).

According to EMA’s report:

  • 74% of respondents believe that digital transformation requires more scheduling capabilities;
  • 61% believe that job scheduling issues are having a growing impact on business;
  • 73% believe that consolidating their scheduling and automation tools would make them more efficient.

“Workload automation vendors are reacting to these trends by broadening the capabilities of their software to automate and control more aspects of both IT management and, in some cases, reaching deep into automating business processes directly,” explained Dan Twing, president and COO of EMA, who was the lead author of the report.

WLA vendors are expanding the scope of their products so that IT teams can automate and orchestrate a wider range of IT and business processes.

These expanded capabilities include better scalability, broader integration options for disparate technologies, and improved monitoring and analytics, as well as machine learning, AIOps solutions, and self-service capabilities for business end-users.

“Workload automation is morphing into much broader enterprise automation orchestration, and may eventually play a large role in bringing autonomic capabilities to the IT management and business process orchestration,” said Twing.

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Best Automation Solution for Workload Management

EMA’s radar report evaluated numerous workload automation solutions, graded the product capabilities of each, and identified the vendors that are leading the market.

Based on scores calculated by EMA, awards were given to five solutions. ActiveBatch, a workload automation and enterprise job scheduler from Advanced Systems, was recognized for being the “Most Automated Workload Management” solution on the market.

The “Most Automated” award is significant because it identifies those products that offer the most automation capabilities for managing workloads —capabilities that include automated remediation, SLA requirements, resource provisioning, alerts, and much more.

“ActiveBatch is a great choice to manage a diverse IT landscape across workload automation, business process automation, IT process automation, file movements, and big data within a single unified console designed for operational efficiency,” explained Twing in the report.

“Customers have been very vocal about ActiveBatch’s automated monitoring and workload optimization capabilities, for instance, because they make the environment more reliable, efficient, and flexible,” explained Ben Rosenberg, president and CEO of Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI), maker of ActiveBatch.

“That additional reliability and scalability, matched with out-of-the-box integrations and API capabilities, is allowing users to manage both IT and business processes with ActiveBatch,” said Rosenberg.

Additional Highlights from the EMA Radar Report

Other award recipients include:

  • ASG: First to Orchestrate a Companion RPA Product
  • Hitachi: Most Installed WLA Product
  • Redwood: Best WLA SaaS
  • Tidal: Greatest Customer Impact

EMA’s 2019 Value Leaders:

  • ASCI ActiveBatch
  • BMC Control-M
  • Broadcom Automic
  • HelpSystems JAMS WLA
  • InfiniteDATA AutomateNOW!
  • IBM Workload Automation
  • Redwood Software RunMyJobs

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