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Develop workflows faster with hundreds of no-code integrations and built-in collaboration tools

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Orchestrate End-to-End Workflows in Half the Time

ActiveBatch provides hundreds of no-code actions so you can easily build reliable, end-to-end processes that manage data and dependencies across disparate tools and systems. This makes it possible to quickly orchestrate tasks including data warehousing and ETL, infrastructure automation, digital business automation, and secure file transfers.

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Integrate Virtually Any Tool or App

Dozens of native integrations with major IT and enterprise business tools make it easy to develop cross-platform workflows. Additionally, the ActiveBatch Service Library provides low-code API accessibility for seamless integrations with virtually any tool or technology, so you’re prepared to meet changing business needs.

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Optimize Existing Scripts

ActiveBatch supports scripts of any language, including PowerShell, Python, or existing legacy scripts. Script vaulting converts scripts into reusable objects for use in end-to-end workflows, while version control and revision history allow you to further maintain and protect script investments.

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Streamline DevOps with Collaboration and Speed

Object-locking and conflict-resolution tools simplify DevOps while centralized logging, self-documenting Job Steps, and in-depth reporting guarantee transparency. Maintenance and continuous development is made simple with templates, variables, and references that enable your team to reuse workflow logic and pass runtime values without managing thousands of similar, individual objects.

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What ActiveBatch Users are Saying

“If it’s digital, ActiveBatch can do it.”

—System Administrator, First Rate
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Case Study: First Rate Automates 99% of Data Processes with ActiveBatch's No-Code Approach

First Rate was able to streamline the development of its workflows, optimize operations, and scale workloads by leveraging some of ActiveBatch’s major features and capabilities. See how you can save time and resources!

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Automate more. Script less.

Build and automate workflows in half the time without the need for scripting. Integrate any tool or technology in minutes. Gain operational peace of mind with real-time insights, customizable alerting, and automated remediation.

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