ActiveBatch Team Foundation Server (TFS) Integration

Automate the software build-and-deploy process with prebuilt Job Steps from the ActiveBatch Extension for Microsoft TFS

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Improved End-to-End Visibility of the Build-and-Deploy Process

Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) is an application lifecycle management and collaboration tool used by developers worldwide. Yet as developers are being asked to build and deploy growing numbers of applications, the use of manual deployment procedures and tasks within TFS to coordinate builds and deployments across various developer and QA teams can lead to errors and lengthen the deployment lifecycle. As a result, the ability to automate the software build and delivery process to more effectively structure releases and manage software development projects is becoming increasingly important.

Dynamic Event Automation at Your Fingertips

The ActiveBatch Extension for Team Foundation Server provides TFS users with automation capabilities that go beyond the native scheduling currently found in Team Foundation Server. In addition to date/time scheduling, ActiveBatch adds event automation to TFS so users can trigger Team Foundation Server processes based on various IT events. Users can leverage ActiveBatch Job Steps such as creating a Work Item and starting or modifying a Build to automate processes within TFS. Finally, ActiveBatch allows Team Foundation Server processes to be integrated with other applications and systems, such as a QA/Test system by creating a workflow within ActiveBatch that automatically creates a new work item within TFS every time a "bug" is logged.

In addition to Team Foundation Server, ActiveBatch provides integrations with other Microsoft technologies, including Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server and many more for end-to-end automation across the IT environment. 


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