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IT Process Automation (ITPA)

Orchestrate and integrate your entire IT landscape


"IT process automation is the key to industrializing your operations to improve productivity and reduce costs." 
JP Garbani, Former Vice President & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Your IT landscape is constantly changing. With IT processes spread out across disparate environments, systems, and applications, and not enough IT staff or budget to keep up, it has become increasingly difficult to manage.

IT Process Automation (ITPA) plays an instrumental role in orchestrating IT processes and integrating the various tools in your environment. By defining and automating these infrastructure and operational processes, ITPA is a method by which organizations can simplify the creation of workflows for tasks like:best-practices-bimodal-workload-automation-ebook

Most organizations employ point tools to automate specific IT processes and operations, but the use of multiple automation tools only adds to the complexity of your IT environment and spreads technical resources thinner than ever before.


activebatch it automationActiveBatch IT Automation

Rich Content Library of Automated Integrations

ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library offers hundreds of prebuilt and pretested integrations for commonly-scripted IT actions so you can easily design and assemble end-to-end workflows and manage dependencies between disparate technologies and applications. ActiveBatch offers extensive content for frequently performed IT processes involving backups, file transfers, database operations, Active Directory, and much more. Additionally, ActiveBatch offers direct integration with common technologies including Microsoft System Center, Microsoft Azure, VMware, Amazon EC2, and more.

Full API Accessibility
ActiveBatch Service Library extends the power of the Integrated Jobs Library with API accessibility that allows users to load and execute WSDLs, SOAP Web Services, RESTful Services, stored procedures, .Net Assemblies, and command lines and turn them into reusable Job Steps.  As a result, developers can integrate with virtually any technology or application that ActiveBatch doesn't already provide built-in support for.

Overcome Data Center ComplexityIntuitive & Powerful Workflow Design
ActiveBatch offers easier and more reliable workflow design with features including:


Some of the ITPA benefits achieved with ActiveBatch IT Automation include:

  • Reducing the risk that occurs with manual intervention and handoffs
  • Eliminating redundant tasks to free up senior-level resources to focus on more critical processes
  • The ability to respond faster to mission-critical issues
  • Improved predictability, security, and governance of workflows
  • Establishment of a single point of control to manage all IT processes

ActiveBatch User RelayHealth, a Division of McKesson, Ensures Reliable, Centralized IT Process Automation

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