The ABC’s of Intelligent Analytics

Use these ABC’s of Intelligent Analytics to learn how workload automation solutions can improve your insight capabilities.

Written by Caroline Boyland. Last Updated:
Intelligent analytics enable IT to optimize automated processes for business and IT

Now more than ever, organizations have an increasing availability of data, right at their fingertips. But with this abundance of data, comes an increased amount of applications, technologies, and platforms that depend on each other to manage the capture, transfer, and analysis of this data. With all these different systems and all of the accessible data, organizations are unable to quickly or efficiently derive meaningful insight from it all. What many businesses are beginning to learn is that they need a way to improve insight into their data and systems. Many organizations, however, are still unaware of all of the benefits that come with an IT Automation solution that offers intelligent analytic capabilities, and that is why we have compiled a list, The ABC’s of Intelligent Analytics.

Use these ABC’s of Intelligent Analytics to learn how automation solutions can improve your insight capabilities:  

  1. Alert the necessary team members when specific workflow conditions are raised
  2. Build up your critical insight and analysis with business intelligence features
  3. Control tasks on and across a range of technologies with cross platform scheduling
  4. Determine your resource usage with a dashboard that provides KPIs and machine availability
  5. Experience event-driven architecture that allows you to trigger jobs based on a wide array of event types
  6. Forecast future jobs and workflows so you can change course before it’s too late
  7. Gain insight through Gantt charts showing time-based workflow executions and completions
  8. Help your IT Teams identify system usage based on CPU, memory, and more with visual heat maps
  9. Integrate with a wide variety of applications and technologies to simplify workflow creation
  10. Judge the health of your automation environment with scheduling analytics and near-real time visualizations of progress
  11. Keep track of critical performance metrics through interactive views and custom alerting
  12. Leverage multiple developer views to optimize workflow execution
  13. Manage your IT environment anytime, anywhere, with mobile management capabilities
  14. Notify individuals or groups based on any number of conditions set on an object or workflow
  15. Optimize virtual and cloud resources with just-in-time provisioning
  16. Pinpoint processing bottlenecks before they happen and adjust resources on-the-fly to minimize job failures
  17. Quickly assess IT performance with dynamic visualizations customized to specific IT roles
  18. Review resources usage, historical trends, and workflow success rates with comprehensive reports
  19. Stop SLA breaches before they happen, with proactive SLA monitoring and automated server provisioning
  20. Troubleshoot faster with advanced issue-detection capabilities and comprehensive audit trails
  21. Understand your specific IT environment with customized user interfaces and dashboards
  22. View simulated job execution to check the logic of the job, without ever having to run the actual payload
  23. Watch moment by moment workflow performance with insight into historical and predictive performance
  24. eXecute workflows fearlessly – okay, this one’s a stretch, but with an IT automation solution you can automate more jobs in less time with significantly less job failures
  25. Yield to the capabilities of automation and say goodbye to time-consuming manual monitoring
  26. Zone in on specific jobs or objects for more detail, or view your entire plan and workflow topologically for a bird’s eye view into operations