Why IT Automation?

Digital business requires speed, agility, and strategy, placing IT automation at the core of digital business success

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IT Is Busy

IT teams have a lot of concerns to juggle: digital transformation fueled by a surge of new tools, software, and platforms, plus organizational requirements and a shortage of skilled IT professionals. Many of the issues facing IT can be alleviated with the right IT automation solution.

The IT Resources Gap

The IT Resources Gap

Over a short period of time, computing resources have gone from expensive and scarce to highly available and affordable. Consequently, the number of systems, servers, applications, and technologies that IT manages has increased at a rate surpassing that of IT budgets and IT staffing. Gartner tells us most organizations have between 3-8 different scheduling and automation tools. These tools must be implemented, run, managed, and maintained, requiring a need for both staff and financial resources. The difference in the rate of change between systems to be managed, skilled staff to manage them, and financial resources to maintain them, has created the IT Resources Gap. IT needs a solution that will help them manage this gap, increasing IT efficiency and minimizing IT spending. 


With the rapid digitalization of businesses across most industries, CEOs and CIOs are pushing their teams toward digital transformation. This means IT is responsible for more than ever —more applications, technologies, processes, data, etc. IT teams need a solution to coordinate and consolidate scheduling and automation for disparate applications, technologies, platforms, and servers, to manage and maintain an efficient, reliable IT environment.

IT Agility

IT needs a solution that will reduce the need for time-intensive, error-prone tasks such as building homegrown automation solutions and researching, writing, and testing scripts. This would allow IT to focus on building scalable, enterprise-wide infrastructure and would give IT the ability to quickly respond to new requests from the organizations they support. By implementing an Enterprise IT Automation solution, IT can realize the innovative potential that helps them drive digital transformation from within their organizations. 

So Why IT Automation?

Organizations need IT automation because it allows them to:

Because you can’t solve complexity, with more complexity.

What ActiveBatch Users are Saying

“If it’s digital, ActiveBatch can do it.”

—System Administrator, First Rate

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