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Non-Cluster Failover for High Availability

Always experience reliable high availability with ActiveBatch's Failover Add-In, which automatically takes over the job scheduling load in the event of a failure.

High Availability

Improve Job Success Rate with High Availability
With ActiveBatch’s Non-Cluster Failover Add-In, organizations can experience reliable high availability in the event of a potential outage or failure. ActiveBatch Non-Cluster Failover operates in active-standby mode, monitoring the “heartbeat” of the Job Scheduler. If there is a failure or an outage, or the primary Job Scheduler is otherwise determined to be unresponsive, Jobs and Plans will be directed to standby systems so they are executed and completed on or near schedule.

ActiveBatch Non-Cluster Failover for High Availability allows for:

  • Dynamic Failover due to loss of an Application (Job Scheduler), Server/VM, or connectivity from Job Scheduler to Database, to ensure jobs run as scheduled.
  • Manual Failover from the Primary Job Scheduler to a Standby Job Scheduler at times when a server needs to be patched or when an unexpected reboot is needed.

Minimum Requirements:
The ActiveBatch High Availability Failover component is separately licensed and is installed on a per job scheduler basis. This component supports an unlimited number of client machines.


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