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ActiveBatch Architecture

Coordinated and centralized automation designed to accommodate change

"I essentially have ActiveBatch doing all of this coordination for me inside of the application. You can extend this as many operations, as many processes, as you can."
- Ralph Paparo, Senior Director of Data Warehouse, Mediacom Communications

The Complexities of Today's Modern IT Environments

Gartner research indicates that most organizations have between three and eight scheduling and automation tools in place. That’s because as IT and business environments become more complex, many IT teams attempt to simplify with an array of application- and platform-specific scheduling and automation tools and scripts. This approach, however, results in multiple licensing, support, and training costs, greater resource requirements and manual efforts, and more complexity. 

To gain maximum benefits from IT Automation, organizations must take a more holistic approach.

ActiveBatch IT Automation provides a central point of control that reliably manages operational requirements, complex dependencies between workflows, and technology integration across the enterprise. 

A Scalable Automation Architecture Designed To Adapt To Your Needs, Whatever They May Be

ActiveBatch IT Automation is client-server based, and all aspects of ActiveBatch can be fully distributed, giving users a highly flexible, scalable solution. ActiveBatch consists of three major components:

All of these components could reside on either a single machine or multiple machines, and each component can have multiple instances.

Job Scheduler

The ActiveBatch Job Scheduler is responsible for the overall orchestration and operation of the ActiveBatch system and manages several types of ActiveBatch Objects, including Jobs and Plans.

Execution Agents

Execution Agents are the component systems responsible for running ActiveBatch Jobs. Once a Job is ready to execute, the Job Scheduler communicates with a server’s Execution Agent. The Execution Agent is the cross-platform component of the ActiveBatch system, supporting:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • UNIX
  • OpenVMS
  • AIX
  • NSK
  • OS X
  • z/OS

Programmatic Interfaces

XLNT Scripting Language
RemoteSHADOW Replication
OpenVMS Products
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