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Learn About IT Automation

From batch scheduling to modern workload automation, understand the evolution of automation and why workload automation is an essential technology for your IT environment.



"IT process automation is the key to industrializing your operations to
improve productivity and reduce costs. "

--  JP Garbani, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research


A Brief History: From Batch Scheduling to Modern Workload Automation
While enterprise job scheduling has been a mainstay technology for decades now, the origins of today’s modern workload automation solutions go back much further to the emergence of mainframe computing in the 1950’s and what was then known as “batch processing”.

Early batch processing or job scheduling solutions allowed IT organizations to get things done faster and reduce costs by executing jobs in large batches, rather than one at a time. Batch processing allowed for static date/time scheduling and the execution of one job or a batch of jobs on a single system, which usually occurred overnight when the business day was over.

Over the years, these systems were improved, however, as technology advanced and business needs changed, IT was required to run multiple batches with varying dependencies across multiple systems and platforms. As a result, job scheduling evolved into the more advanced workload automation solutions on the market today. Today, workload automation solutions are a fundamental solution for both developers and operations, ensuring processes are reliably run and data dependencies are met. 

Why Workload Automation?
Today, IT departments are operating in increasingly complex environments that contain an array of heterogeneous applications, databases, and platforms. While most operating systems, mission-critical applications, and database management systems provide their own built-in job scheduling capabilities, these are closed solutions and cannot cross the boundaries to other technologies or applications.

In a world of application diversity, business processes will, by necessity, cross these boundaries. As data flows increase, processing volumes grow, and infrastructure becomes more complex, workload automation solutions provide the essential capabilities needed to manage dependencies between the multitude of systems and applications that compose the modern IT environment.

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Why ActiveBatch?
ActiveBatch is one of the most advanced workload automation solutions in the industry, and has been recognized by industry-leading analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC, EMA, as well as award-winning publications such as Forbes, Wired, and Network World. ActiveBatch is redefining IT automation with a modern workload automation solution that consolidates silos of automation within a single framework, giving businesses improved IT agility and helping reduce costs. 

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