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Enterprise IT Automation and Job Scheduling

ActiveBatch's Automation without Boundaries Reduces the Complexity of Today's Heterogeneous IT Environments.

" IT process automation is the key to industrializing your operations to improve productivity and reduce costs. "

-- JP Garbani, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

Combatting the Complexity of Today's Heterogeneous IT Environments
Today, IT departments are operating in increasingly complex environments that contain an array of heterogeneous applications, databases, and platforms. Traditional batch processing and job scheduling solutions only allow for the execution of one or more jobs on a single system and often require manual intervention. As a result, IT automation solutions have stepped to the forefront as the next evolution of job scheduling. IT departments must now support dynamic business environments where business and/or IT processing is initiated using event-driven scheduling and on-demand processing that often combines or merges disparate business and/or IT processes.

While most operating systems, mission-critical applications, and database management systems provide their own basic job scheduling capabilities, these point solutions only serve the immediate needs of a given and closed solution. In a world of application diversity, business processes will, by necessity, cross these boundaries. As data flow increases, processing volumes grow and the infrastructure becomes more complex, IT is increasingly relying on IT automation to automate and standardize file/data transfers, workflows, application and processes and tie together the various landscapes of heterogeneous IT environments.

By automating daily, repetitive and time-consuming tasks, IT can proactively manage operations through alerts and notifications, and leverage workflow automation tools to:

  • Contain or reduce costs through improved resource utilization
  • Increase productivity using an Event Architecture in addition to comprehensive Date & Time Scheduling
  • Automate many of the time-consuming tasks associated with manual administration
  • Reduce the errors associated with manual intervention and custom scripting
  • Increase IT agility and response times to meet business needs

ActiveBatch® Enterprise Job Scheduling & IT Automation accomplishes all these goals and more by leveraging a unique architecture via our Integrated Jobs Library that simplifies the automation of composite business processes, removes complexity, and reduces time to implementation. ActiveBatch organizes and manages tasks, applications, and database workflows on and across various platforms, virtual and/or physical in addition to custom and business applications to allow users to create end-to-end workflows.


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