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Enhance the powerful monitoring capabilities of Nagios with ActiveBatch's Add-In.


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The ActiveBatch Management Pack for Nagios allows Network and IT Operations staff to centrally monitor the performance and health of ActiveBatch Jobs, Plans and Queues in addition to monitoring the services for the ActiveBatch Job Scheduler and Execution Agents. Network operations has always required the ability to monitor the essential business processes and procedures that ensure that critical components in an organization's IT environment are healthy. Nagios is an enterprise class, open source IT infrastructure solution that monitors hosts, services, applications and networks.

The ActiveBatch Management Pack goes beyond the monitoring of our services by allowing your Nagios Server to inquire about the "health" of ActiveBatch Objects such as mission critical workflows that include the "failures" of Jobs and Plans and also ActiveBatch Queues. The ActiveBatch Management Pack provides important information regarding memory usage, CPU, threads, etc., of any of the ActiveBatch Execution Agents. As an example, when using our management pack an alert is raised that an ActiveBatch Plan has failed the Nagios console will alert network operations with detailed information that allows for a more timely response and ultimately improved service levels.

The ActiveBatch Management Pack for Nagios combines the event-driven architecture and simplicity of ActiveBatch Job Scheduling and Workload Automation the powerful monitoring capabilities of Nagios.

ActiveBatch users can download a FREE Installation kit for your Nagios Server, from My ASCI, that simplifies the setup for managing the ActiveBatch Job Scheduling Service and any of the Execution Agent services for Linux, Unix, Windows, etc. The monitoring of ActiveBatch Objects including Jobs, Plans and Queue's, in addition to ActiveBatch services requires the ActiveBatch Management Pack for Nagios which is separately licensed.


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