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IBM InfoSphere DataStage Extension

Improve data warehousing performance and ETL processes with ActiveBatch’s Extension for IBM InfoSphere DataStage.


Automate and Manage IBM DataStage Processes from ActiveBatch's Centralized Console
ActiveBatch Enterprise Job Scheduling and Workload Automation supports IBM InfoSphere DataStage for improved data warehousing performance, data quality, and reporting by automating and integrating key resources and processes within an organization's Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence environments.

The ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library supports the ActiveBatch Extension for IBM InfoSphere DataStage by allowing ActiveBatch users to automate and integrate critical processes performed by IBM DataStage, including listing, running and stopping ETL jobs, and much more.

Using ActiveBatch's IBM InfoSphere Datastage Extension, users can easily create workflows that automate uploading and exporting of data into and out of various data sources, and integrate those processes with other BI solutions, data warehousing tools, and databases. For example, if you use DataStage in conjunction with IBM Cognos BI, you can automate the process of uploading data using DataStage, running reports within Cognos and/or other reporting systems, and distributing them via email, using ActiveBatch's advanced scheduling and event automation capabilities that include managing complex dependencies across systems, passing data, monitoring, alerts, audits and more.

Download the ActiveBatch Extension for IBM InfoSphere DataStage Datasheet.