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ActiveBatch® Web Console

Manage and monitor your automation environment from anywhere in the world with ActiveBatch's Web Console.



Anytime/Anywhere Access
The ActiveBatch Web Console provides users with anytime, anywhere access to their ActiveBatch systems from any location in the world via the web. Users can create, edit, and manage ActiveBatch Objects, easily build end-to-end workflows using the Integrated Jobs Library, and so much more – all from their favorite browser. With a simple and intuitive user interface that enhances the ability to create and manage ActiveBatch Jobs and Plans, the ActiveBatch Web Console enables improved productivity and agility. 

Take Your IT Automation to the Web
ActiveBatch IT automation web console enhanced user experience simultaneous access to jobs library and property sheetsEnhanced user experience optimized for the web with simultaneous access to the Integrated Jobs Library and Property Sheets from a single view.

Powerful web-based option for scheduling requirements ActiveBatch web consoleGet the best of the ActiveBatch Thick Client with an intuitive and powerful web-based option for all of your scheduling requirements. Map View | Gantt View | Operations View | more!

ActiveBatch web console access worldwide from any browser Chrome Firefox IE Internet Explorer Opera SafariAccess ActiveBatch on-the-go from your favorite browser.
Chrome | Firefox | IE | Opera | Safari

ActiveBatch web console reduce thick client installations  save time updating client systemsReduce the need for Thick Client installs and free up time spent on updating client systems.

The ActiveBatch Web Console is available as an ActiveBatch Add-In in the following configurations:

  • Web Console (V9 SP4 and above)
  • Web Console Enterprise Edition – Includes the Mobile Interface (V9 SP4 and above)

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