ActiveBatch User Interfaces

ActiveBatch supports a range of interfaces, allowing organizations to customize their automation environment to the unique needs of their organization.

 ActiveBatch Client (User) Access:

ActiveBatch Admin User Interface access ActiveBatch IT automation capabilities

ActiveBatch Admin
The ActiveBatch Admin user interface (thick client) offers high performance as well as secure access to all of ActiveBatch’s capabilities including the Integrated Jobs and Service Library's that simplifies the assembly of workflows using  ActiveBatch’s drag and drop workflow designer, and much more. ActiveBatch Admin is included within ActiveBatch's core capabilities for unlimited deployment with no additional license fees. 

ActiveBatch Web Console

ActiveBatch Web Console
The ActiveBatch Web Console offers development and operational users full and secure access from their favorite browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera). With an enhanced user experience, users can create, edit, and manage ActiveBatch objects, build end-to-end workflows, and access ActiveBatch’s powerful job scheduling capabilities from the web. Learn More

ActiveBatch SSP

ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal
ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal is a business-user-friendly web interface designed to simplify the execution and monitoring of business processes that they would otherwise ask IT to perform. Business users and Help Desk teams can run any of their required business processes including data queries, file transfers, new hire onboarding, and much more while IT retains full control over the jobs, permissions, and security. Learn More

ActiveBatch Mobile Interface

ActiveBatch Mobile Interface
ActiveBatch Mobile provides users with secure access to the ActiveBatch system from Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry and any other smartphone device. Control and manage ActiveBatch Jobs, Plans, and Objects remotely to address general operational automation requirements or issues as they occur. Learn More

Programmatic Interfaces / APIs:

Web Services ENVironment to provide the ability to manipulate objects to manage ActiveBatch capabilities within scripts

Web Services API
ActiveBatch Web Services, using SOAP, provides developers an industry standard and direct approach to programmatically invoke ActiveBatch methods to more easily interact with other non-ActiveBatch programs and processes. ActiveBatch Web Services API is a core capability in ActiveBatch V11 (with limited support for V10 SP3) and requires no additional license fees. Learn More

PowerShell Module uses Microsoft verbs ActiveBatch nouns to trigger ActiveBatch operations

PowerShell Module
ActiveBatch’s PowerShell Module uses Microsoft standard verbs and ActiveBatch specific nouns that support the triggering of ActiveBatch Jobs, getting scheduler information, retrieving log files, performing operations, creating objects, and more. The PowerShell Module is included within ActiveBatch’s core capabilities with no additional license fees.

COM Programmatic Interfaces to provide developers with full access to all ActiveBatch capabilities

COM Programmatic Interfaces
ActiveBatch is designed and built on a COM Model in order to provide system administrators and developers with programmatic access to all ActiveBatch Objects, Methods, and Properties. The COM API is included within ActiveBatch’s core capabilities with no additional license fees.

ActiveBatch includes access to Java Based Cross-Platform Command-Line Interface with ABATCMDs

ActiveBatch includes access to a Java Based Cross-Platform Command Line Interface that supports the issuance of single-line URLs via regular HTTP posts. ABATCMD is included within ActiveBatch’s core capabilities with no additional license fees.


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