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Microsoft Dynamics AX Extension

Improve Dynamics AX scheduling with advanced event automation capabilities and pre-built Job Steps from ActiveBatch’s Extension for Dynamics AX.



Seamlessly Integrate Dynamics AX with non-Dynamics AX Processes

Microsoft-Dynamics-WorkflowThe ActiveBatch Extension for Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a single point of control for scheduling and automating Microsoft Dynamics AX processes and integrating those processes with other workloads throughout your IT environment. The Microsoft Dynamics AX solution is limited to a rudimentary batch scheduler that is confined to automating Dynamics AX processes only. As a result, developers commonly rely on command line utilities and scripts to integrate Dynamics AX processes with other process types.

ActiveBatch Workload Automation and Job Scheduling is an enterprise automation solution that unifies "point" scheduling solutions and and simplifies the integration of Dynamic AX processes with non-Dynamics processes. ActiveBatch improves Dynamics AX scheduling by allowing developers to add ActiveBatch's advanced scheduling, event automation, monitoring and SLA capabilities to the automation of Dynamics AX processes.

The Extension for Dynamics AX offers a broad range of production-ready Job Steps for Dynamics, including the ability to schedule and automate Dynamics batch jobs, run a task or leverage Job Steps such as Compile, as well as Import and Export to automate the management/update of AX development and production environments.

Moreover, the ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library allows users to easily build and manage workflows that integrate Dynamics AX processes with other enterprise applications and systems, data sources and process types, including Microsoft systems and technologies like Windows, SQL Server, System Center, SharePoint or Team Foundation. 

The ActiveBatch Extension of Microsoft Dynamics AX is separately licensed as part of the ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library.

Download the ActiveBatch Extension for Microsoft Dynamics AX datasheet.


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